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Whether you need to translate clinical reports, HIPAA and PHI materials, consent forms, insurance documentation, healthcare notices, healthcare materials and signage, discharge notes or other healthcare related documentation, Global Arena has a translation solution ready to be implemented. In many cases, your solution might require a combination of linguistic and medical expertise to ensure your documents are translated with the correct goal in mind. We guarantee that your medical translation project is always managed by seasoned linguists with expertise in medical matters.

Medical Translation Solution

Medical translations need to be sensitive and adequate to the target audience. Also, it is important to select linguists familiar with the medical specialty that you are working on. You would not want a general practitioner performing open heart surgery. The same applies to medical translations: you want that specialized and knowledgeable translation teams work in your multilingual medical documentation.

Concerned about quality? We guarantee our translations through a three-step QA process that involves translation, editing and proofreading.

We certify our translations. Our medical document translation services can be certified and notarized upon request.

Human or machine? All steps are performed by human linguists and managed by experienced project managers in the medical field.

Content is King, Technology is Queen. We work with state-of-the-art translation memory software and workflow management tools, ensuring consistency and fast turnaround times. These technology tools help our linguists create accurate and consistent medical translations.

Worried about confidentiality? Our technological environment ensures that your documents are always protected under HIPAA regulations.

Native speakers all the way! Translators and editors are always native speakers in the target language.

Tight turnarounds. We work to our customers’ deadlines without jeopardizing the quality and accuracy of our translations.

Need multilingual expert advice? Our project managers provide cultural guidance and multilingual advice to ensure that your translated medical documents perfectly reflect the original. They will also review and confirm the accuracy of each document translation before delivery.

We also provide machine translation services coupled with human post-editing for an even more affordable, quicker translation when the deliverable is in electronic, editable format and intended for internal review. Machine translation (MT) will not be always right for your multilingual medical content. We are always cautious when recommending the use of a Machine Translation Engine. MTs used for a specific company or subject matter, usually require specific training. Training an MT involves feeding the engine with unlimited translation memories created by humans.

Talk with one of our project managers to find out if MT is right for the translation of your document.

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Going beyond

If you are reading this, you might be a healthcare organization helping your patients and providers to communicate. You want to make sure that the your multilingual medical documentation is accurate and easy to understand. Ensuring that your multilingual patients can access to your services is the most important. Providing medical services to a multilingual population is already a challenging proposition. In many cases the language barrier comes combined with cultural differences. Providing services to a multilingual, multicultural population requires a deep understanding of how to engage across cultures and overcome language barriers while protecting your patients’ rights and PHI. Providing accurate medical translations, also decreases liability from a legal standpoint.

How can you work around the language barrier and manage multilingual medical documentation if you don’t speak the language yourself? The answer is easy. You need to rely on a translation agency that has a quality process in place, works with professional translators experienced in the medical field and helps you to maintain a multilingual electronic repository. Professional medical translators are not simple bilingual individuals. They are highly trained professionals who specialize in the medical and healthcare fields and, most importantly, are deeply familiar with the culture you are trying to reach.

There are plenty of questions that you need to ask yourself when thinking about translating your medical documents. What are your goals? What is your intended target reader? What is the multilingual medical documentation that you intend to provide to patients? Does your customer’s business model or service require specific multilingual contractual or medical terminology?

All healthcare organizations face their own challenges and have distinctive requirements when dealing with medical translations. Maybe this is your first time working with a translation partner, or maybe you are a veteran multilingual medical expert. Regardless, Global Arena’s translation project managers, experts in the medical and healthcare fields, are here to help you to succeed in your multilingual medical projects and guide you every step of the way. They make crossing the language barrier simple and easy.

Looking for a multilingual partner for Medical translations?

If you are here is because you are not still convinced about using a translation agency to help you with your multilingual medical translation needs. There are many reasons why it’s worth investing in professional medical translation services rather than relying on machine tools alone or individuals who are bilingual but not trained in the medical translation field. Here are just four of the most important reasons:

Medical Context and Verification Are Important

If you have read up to this point, you know that we discussed Machine Translation (MT). When you use MT technology, there is no way to confirm if the provided translation is good from a medical standpoint. Even if you speak the target language, would you be able to confirm if a native speaker will find the translation natural? These MT tools rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI), previous translations, and user data that might not match the medical context needed for your translation. The language barrier is difficult to overcome. It goes beyond simple words. Homonyms, idioms, puns, and formal language all prove to be difficult to translate for a machine. The proof of concept is to perform a back-translation on the output from a machine translated document.


Professional medical translators translate and tailor your content so that it is contextually accurate and captures the spirit of your original document. They are precise and accurate. They can also clarify and explain their choices in detail, so that you understand the translations you are distributing worldwide. A machine cannot give you that level of detail. Furthermore, medical translators and editors will incorporate your business’ requirements and translate medical content that is uniquely yours.

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Your Brand is unique and should not be damaged

MT relies on data collection to learn. Therefore, the error rate for machine translations increases substantially when working with languages that have fewer speakers. Poor machine translation output can also damage how patients perceive your healthcare organization; it can come off as cold or even awkward and fail to engage your patient multilingual population. The many possible barriers present in machine translation can jeopardize the distribution of information about your healthcare services, harming your brand image and increasing potential legal exposure.

When professional linguists work together on a medical translation, the risk of miscommunication is virtually nonexistent. Our team members are able to cross-check one another’s work and guarantee that they are producing a high quality, accurate medical translation.

Your Words, Your Voice

Working on your multilingual medical documents is much more than simply changing one word to another in a different language. Even with the best dictionaries and tools, each company has their own identity just as each text has its own voice.

You want to project professionalism, friendliness and reliability to your patients when creating your multilingual medical content.


Each market is different. Do you know how to approach them all?

This kind of attention is especially important for providers helping their patients to obtain the right information and treatments. It is also important for your healthcare organization to give your patients multilingual content that is easily understood and provides a great degree of medical authenticity. A chatty, casual voice in English when explaining your healthcare treatments may not come across well for patient populations whose culture values formality, for example.

Professional medical translators can help you craft a voice in their language that preserves your healthcare organizations’ identity, but also adapts it to its cultural and linguistic nuances. We develop and maintain medical glossaries and translation memories (TMs) for our customers. These TMs ensure that all of your medical translations are consistent. A way you can distinguish yourself from other healthcare organizations could come partly through expertly crafted medical content and its professional translation. The latter can help you minimize your legal exposure by avoiding misunderstandings while providing accurate multilingual information.

An image is worth more than a thousand words

Besides text, there are many other elements to take into consideration when translating your brochures, patient discharge notes, treatments, directions, notices, graphics, layout, aesthetics, and more. Professional linguists specialized in the medical industry provide feedback on how to best suit these features for your patients.

For example, in stock photos, people prefer to see scenes that remind them of ones from their own cultural experience. A global communicator needs to take into account the calendar and rhythms of life in other parts of the world; Global Arena can help you take into account the significance and cultural meaning of images, numbers and colors, the timing of public and religious holidays, cultural customs. With the help of a trusted Language Service Provider like Global Arena, you have access to a range of medical translation experts who can isolate cultural and linguistic issues and resolve them without any damage to your brand and your corporate image.


By partnering with an expert medical Language Service Provider like Global Arena, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and ensure that your multilingual strategy will be a success.


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